What is St Ives Town Team?

The Town Team is a group of residents who work together to promote St Ives. They aim to make the Town a good place in which to live, work and visit. The Town Team and The Old Riverport scheme has the backing of the Town Council but we hope that it will prove to be a combined effort with individuals, organizations and businesses all contributing to its success.

Will you join us?

The Town Team is only as good as its members. We are always keen to welcome newcomers with particular skills and abilities, and so if you wish to help keep St Ives vibrant, and feel you can contribute to our work, we shall be delighted to hear from you. Please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How the Town Team was formed

In 2010, St Ives celebrated the 900th anniversary of its market charter with a series of events around the town. During these 900 years the town has evolved, changed and adapted to meet the needs of its people and visitors, a process that continues today.

In the spring of 2011 the Town Plan was published and a community team was formed to progress the actions identified. Around this time the Government, with marketing expert Mary Portas, was promoting better high streets. St Ives made a bid for funding through this scheme and was awarded £10,000, which was matched by St Ives Town Council. The key partners came together to create the Town Team. 

What has been done?

Initially the Town Team concentrated on those issues raised by the public consultations. One group worked on transport and environment matters, another on community projects, out of which the Our St Ives website developed. An economy group, after studying the history of the town, proposed naming the town centre The Old Riverport in recognition of the importance of St Ives as a major inland port. Many people know that St Ives was a significant market town, but its river heritage has largely been overlooked. The river is the feature that attracts many visitors to the town centre.

Why call it The Old Riverport?

We needed to find a special something that would set our town apart from its neighbours. It became clear during the research just how important the river had been over many centuries. Long before roads and railways were built the river was the only way to move heavy or bulky items. St Ives’ famous markets flourished because the river Great Ouse enabled goods from around the world to be brought to the town. This trade made St Ives one of the most important river ports in the country, and only ceased as recently as the 1930s. This heritage gives our town a unique selling point compared to most other market towns and a designation that defines us. We believe it is unique in the UK.

New signage, exhibitions, events including children's discovery days and river activities are all planned. Consultations with businesses, particularly those on the 'high street', are helping to create a sense of place for residents and visitors alike.

What else is being done?

  • Newly arrived residents are welcomed with a revised and updated Welcome Pack which includes an enhanced Town Guide.
  • This new website has been designed to promote the Old Riverport and bring all available information about St Ives to one place. The site includes a community area (Our St Ives), the official sites of the Town Council, Norris Museum and Corn Exchange, plus a new section for businesses and tourists. With additional proposals for free web access in the town centre it is intended to both attract and inform visitors and residents. A new tourist information map is available and a series of information boards at strategic points is planned.
  • A new St Ives logo, designed to specifically identify St Ives, Cambridgeshire, is freely available for St Ives businesses to incorporate into their own identities. Consistent Riverport branding and marketing will make St Ives, Cambridgeshire, the place to be.
  • Out-of-town marketing initiatives will promote The Old Riverport, particularly in Cambridge to take advantage of our guided bus links.
  • Along with events already organised by FESt we hope to encourage entertainment throughout the year.
  • We are currently organising The Old Riverport Jazz and Blues Festival, to be held from Friday evening 25th to Sunday evening 27th September.
  • Businesses will be encouraged and helped to re-assess their own marketing and be part of the Old Riverport concept.
  • The Old Riverport branding will extend to a wide range of products and souvenir merchandising including, mugs, T-shirts, tea towels and more - there really is no limit to these possibilities.

What's on in St Ives

Fri Dec 21 @12:00PM
Snowman - Christmas Window Competition
The Old Riverport St Ives
Contact Corrine at La Muse for details
Wed Dec 26 @12:00PM
The Boxing Day Hobby Horse Hunt
Market Hill, Old Riverport